” ..The Church Chairs Are Still In Phenomenal Condition…”

“Jan, In 2004 we purchased 300 chairs from Bertolini for our new sanctuary.  After 9 years of heavy use  the church chairs are still in phenomenal condition, the cushions still firm, and the fabric still looks great! About two years ago we decided to purchase a set of chairs for our youth group and unfortunately we decided to go with the Hercules chair to save some money.  We figured that because the room was much less trafficked than our sanctuary that a cheaper chair would last just fine.  Unfortunately, we were wrong!  In less than two years the chairs in our youth room are tearing and deteriorating and already need repaired or replaced.   That was a mistake we won’t make again.   Recently we needed to order an additional 60 chairs for the overflow portion of our sanctuary.  After experiencing the difference between Bertolini’s chairs and the Hercules chairs there was no question as to which chair we will buy from now on.  Thank you Bertolini for making products that stand the test of time.   Sometimes you really do get what you pay for!” –Joplin Emberson, Lead Pastor of Cross Way Church of Derby, KS.