The church chairs are gorgeous!!!


We got the church chairs today at 7:30 a.m. We had a ton of guys to unload, and got the trucker on the next ferry out!

The church chairs are gorgeous!!! We unpacked one of them and everyone took a turn sitting in it–of course no one with dirty pants got to do so until we put a jacket between him and the chairs–everyone loved the chair!–now we are plotting against the pastor–as in the chairs are so comfortable, we thought the first service we have, as soon as he gets up, we are all going to close our eyes and pretend we are sleeping!

So- just thought I’d let you know how well received the chairs have been. The older folks in the room (and there were plenty of them) raved after closely inspecting the chair from top to bottom and underneath. So you have really scored with the quality of these chairs.

And, just think–you don’t have to have me nagging you anymore about the delivery–

I also got the horseshoe table today as well. Had to go over on the ferry and pick it up from the delivery truck, but that’s OK, it was not a big load.