Social Media Strategies for Churches & Pastors to Connect with the Community


Connecting with the community is one of the only ways to always be getting your church’s name out there and thought about. When your name is out and about the community, it significantly increases your reach, which makes getting and keeping individuals involved entirely more efficient.

However, finding new and efficient ways to connect with the community is where a lot of individuals might find themselves at a stand-still. There are so many rising social media outlets that knowing which ones truly reach out anymore could be challenging. Churches are entirely based around their communities, and being able to interact with everybody is an incredibly important aspect of them.

There are a few different types of communication that shine above the rest, and hopefully, the ones listed below will become part of your program.

Popular Social Media

The classic way for anybody to reach out involves the heavily trafficked websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, which is probably the most popular and majorly used social media, is perfect for creating an interactive Facebook page. T

Twitter, which will most commonly be used by a younger audience, gives you your own account that can post pictures or write out 140 character messages for its followers. Both of these are incredibly popular tools available, and they are also the best way to be able to communicate with the community directly. These websites will give you the opportunity to talk to people individually and give your program the reachability that keeps people involved.

There are also other outlets such as Instagram, but this would solely involve pictures and would limit direct interaction.

Own a Website

Another great way to keep up with technology and keep your program in the minds of community members has a website for your church. There’s something about having a website entirely based on your program that draws people in and keeps their interests high. Including different events being held and facts about your church and such will help bring in a crowd.

Another idea growing in popularity is having a pastoral blog, which would simply be a blog that would share things such as sermon preparations or devotional thoughts. This would keep visitors visiting by giving them something to look forward to on a daily basis.



Video Sermons and Streaming

Videos have a lot of pull these days, and since there’s hopefully already plans for social media accounts and a website, they’ll have perfect places to be posted. For video sermons, simply posting one on Facebook or your website will give people the chance to see what your church is about, and hopefully want to come for the next one.

With video streaming, there are great opportunities for promoting the live streaming and bringing traffic to your accounts or your website for anybody who can’t physically be there. This accessibility makes your church seem much more relatable or maybe even less intimidating, and could help bring in a crowd.

Hopefully, these ideas helped spark something and get things rolling with your church. Reaching out to your community is such an important aspect, and with the changing times sometimes it could be hard to know what is best for your church.

Good luck finding what works for you!