How to Choose Children’s Sunday School Furniture to Create an Inviting Environment

Sundays are an important part of the week. It’s a time of rest and reflection, to think back on the week and ready yourself for the following week.

It is also an important time for families, as parents take their kids to church to learn the word of God. Churches are always looking for ways to inspire children and make them want to come back every Sunday. It has to be more than a weekly commitment made by their parents, but a conscience choice.

One way to do this is by carefully choosing furniture that creates an inviting environment for the kids. It can seem small but with the right consideration and teaching tactics that utilize all aspects of the furniture you will have the foundation needed to start making little Christians.


First Impressions

When choosing children’s furniture you will want to start from a child’s perspective.

When they walk in the door, what do they see?

Is it a row of desks situated like a classroom or large tables surrounded by chairs?

To make a room seem inviting you may want to consider putting cubbies by the door instead, to shift attention away from the learning aspect. By placing cubbies it shows kids that they have a place there, a personal box to place notes of what they learned, perhaps prizes, and that they can come back to every week.

Once the children have a place to put their personal belongings, they will start looking for a place to put themselves. Children have different learning methods and because of this, you will want to find ways to encourage all types of learning. For hands-on learners, you could invest in bible games or art supplies so that they can express what they learn. Teaching carts or learning stations are a good way to do this, these are typically portable stations with an easel and storage underneath so children can draw or write down bible passages.


For Visual & Physical Leaners

For kids who prefer to read, you could set up a quiet corner with some book bins. Bins are better for kids, as they may be uninterested or lack the attention span to look through every book spine. By using bins, they can flip through the books and see the colorful covers that can easily draw their attention.

Physical learners will need engagement so you will want to create several bible activities that require moving around the room. This gets kids active and allows them to learn through what they perceive as play. To do this, you will have to utilize the space in a way that can quickly open it up.

To bring out the full potential of the room, you will want to choose tables and chairs that can be easily maneuvered by both adults and kids.

If you have wood or another type of smooth flooring, you should consider investing in footers that allow furniture to slide across the floor with minimal effort.

For carpeted flooring, place wheels on only one side of the tables, so you could pick up one end and simply roll it to the desired location.

Tables, Chairs & Decor

School tables come in several shapes that encourage group work in school such as horse shoe, flower, liver, and trapezoid. If your church teaching style involves moving the tables and chairs then the trapezoid would be your best choice as you can more easily place them together to make more room. You may want to consider getting the tables in different colors to use as a way to separate kids during team activities.

sunday school furnitureSource: Flickr/marragem

When choosing a type of chair, you should always consider a soft chair, something malleable enough to keep the kids from getting sore, but not so malleable that it bends at the back. Rolling chairs are entirely not recommended as they can distract kids and take up more space. Like with the tables, you could also get the chairs in different colors.

Once you have the basics of the room down you will want to focus on decoration. There should be several corkboards around the room displaying colorful cartoon depictions of bible stories as well as plenty of space to display drawings and other pieces made by students. Other decoration could be rugs that showcase bible scenes such as Noah and the flood or David and Goliath in the reading and games area.

With all the work you put into your Sunday School, you will get infinitely more back once you see how involved the kids are in their learning. By creating an environment that is inviting and encourages specialized learning you will also have created a place that welcomes kids and makes them want to come back every week.