Modern Church Decorations for the 21st Century Church

Many modern churches are not only places of worship frequented on Sundays, but also community multi-purpose buildings utilized week-round.

While a church may be used for serious ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals some days, other days it may be utilized by energetic sports teams, rambunctious play-groups of toddlers, or a band playing for a youth group. This shift in how churches are utilized has called for a shift in décor; modern church decorations need to incorporate tradition while keeping in mind functionality and durability.

Here are a few ideas on how to decorate a church that are both beautiful and can keep up with such an active lifestyle:

1. Building Navigation

modern church decorations

With so much going on within the church space it’s important to have an easy to navigate area that compiles all the information an attendee might need.

By combining photos of future events, youth groups, services, and conferences, along with descriptive, direct text about the event in an aesthetically pleasing design such as the one above your church will have all it needs to both decorate and inform.

2. Backdrops & DIY Projects

Modern Church Decorations has amazing, DIY backdrops for any modern church on a budget. This simple yet fun design was made by cutting corrugated plastic with an Exacto knife and then colored using a projector, all of which was accomplished for under two hundred dollars.

Creating a scene could be a great backdrop around Christmas or Easter, or just to liven up any Sunday service.

It’s also a very cost effective way to set the scene for a church play or production, or a modern backdrop for a band. Because corrugated plastic is a clean slate, any scene, saying, bible verse, or portrait can be created. The possibilities are endless!

Hanging paper lanterns really complete the scene and enrich the space as well. Hanging lanterns in general, whether they be stars, balls, or flowers, add an element of dimension to the 2d backdrop and light the room with a subtle, warm tone.

Modern Church Decorations

The use of silhouette cut outs isn’t limited to just backdrops; they can be utilized to supplement a space as well. The church above used paper cut outs as a means to tell the story of Advent and Christmas visually while services that were describing the stories took place. This modern church decoration mixes traditional biblical images with the fun, playfulness of arts and crafts, appealing to adults and also engaging children.

3. Lights

Modern Church Decorations

Looking for a simple and modern way to add a little twinkle to a holiday service? You don’t need to look farther than string lights, some black paint, and Styrofoam. Make the sheets of Styrofoam almost disappear by painting them black, and then simply poke the string lights through them in a random fashion. This starry backdrop gives the illusion of night stars, and could even be designed to draw attention to the North Star when talking about the birth of Christ. The lights could also be arranged in the shape of a cross, dove, or any other religious symbol—perhaps to represent the way that God “lights up” not only your service and church, but your life!

4. Seating

Modern Church Decorations

When it comes to church seating a word that doesn’t often come to mind is “comfort.” Traditional wooden church pews can be hard during long services and often cause discomfort during the process of sitting, standing, and kneeling. They are also bulky and difficult to move or rearrange in the event that a service calls for another type of seating.

This is where Bertolini Incorporated seats save the day. Not only are the seats comfortable, stylish, and come in an array of colors, but they are stackable and convenient. These chairs are both a staple of modern church seating and modern church decorations as well.

The wide range of colors can enliven a space, and the comfort, durability, and ability to be stacked is sure to excite church-goers as well.

5. Mixing Traditional With Modern

Modern Church Decorations

There are many ways to decorate a traditional cross into something more modern or festive for a specific event. In the spring or around Easter a cross can be woven with vines, flowers, and succulents to create a decoration that reflects the season or the holiday. In winter, the cross can be wrapped in red velvet, fixed with knitted snowflakes, or the cross can even be made out of affixed branches spray-painted to look like they’re frosty. The possibilities of decorating the cross are endless!



Modern church decorations are both beautiful and practical. They represent the active role churches play in their communities, and thus are able to fit and complement the different situations they find themselves in. A staple of these decorations is being able to accommodate all of these different situations, whether it be a midnight mass or a community banquet.

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