Whether your church is hosting a Christian band or the reverend is enlightening onlookers with an encouraging speech, it is vital to light the space correctly. After all, there are a ton of benefits from great lighting. Benefits of great lighting Add emotion to the stage – whatever vine you’re aiming for! Lets the audience […]

Many modern churches are not only places of worship frequented on Sundays, but also community multi-purpose buildings utilized week-round. While a church may be used for serious ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals some days, other days it may be utilized by energetic sports teams, rambunctious play-groups of toddlers, or a band playing for […]

Nothing is more fun than celebrating holidays with your community and loved ones. Easter is an especially festive holiday full of springy cheer and exciting traditions. Churches, with a tight budget, can still get into the spirit and the deck the pews with some of the creative decoration ideas.   Eggstraveganza!  1 A lot of […]

The stage is where the congregation directs their attention throughout the entirety of a church service. Through worship, videos, the word, and whatever else, the stage houses all that goes on in a church, making it a direct focal point of the entire setting. There are some churches with large impressive stages that capture the […]