5 Church Seating Arrangement Resources for Weddings


It’s time to make seating arrangements for your wedding, but you’re completely lost. There are too many rows and so many different places for your guests to sit. All you know is that you, the groom, and your bridesmaids/groomsmen will be standing. What about everyone else?

The question is, what is the best church seating arrangement for a wedding?

Well, when it comes to Christian weddings, the groom’s family is traditionally seated on the right side while the bride’s family are seated to the left. All should be facing the alter. In most cases, the most important people are seated in the first few rows. This list can include parents, grandparents, other immediate family members, special guests, etc. You can decorate these rows with flowers or ribbons to mark them as reserved. Your other guests should sit in the seats behind the reserved rows. You can always hire an usher to help solve seating issues and make things easier.

However, you should always keep your guests’ relationships with each other in mind. If your parents are divorced and not on speaking terms, you might want to avoid seating them next to each other.

So how can you come up with the best seating plan? Here are five helpful resources you can use to plan the best wedding seating arrangements at your church.

Church Seating Arrangement for Weddings & Where to Find Them


Tablerrr is a great website that allows you to add your guests with a full list of details (name, age, gender, etc.) and allows you map out your church seating arrangements for your wedding. This interactive program allows you to add seats and arrange tables like you would have at your church.

Check out their video about how their service works:

All Seated

With AllSeated, you’re able to create vivid and thorough floorplans while collaborating with others. This website allows for 3D viewing with a variety of templates to choose from. With their 24/7 customer service, you’re sure to get all the help you need.

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TopTablePlanner is listed as one of “the top 75 best wedding websites.” This website allows you to move tables, add in extra decorations and add guests. You can even import files from Word or Excel. It even comes with a 7-day free trial – money back guaranteed.


SeatingArrangement is another free software that allows you to do all of your church seating arrangements. With this program, you can track RSVPs, assign seating, work from multiple locations, and even manage your guest list. You can even watch live demos for a tutorial. Best of all, there’s no charge!

Martha Stewart Weddings

Finally, if you’d rather read some good tips about traditional church seating arrangements for a wedding – this is the site for you! Martha Stewart’s Wedding website has many articles about the perfect seating arrangements, and has other helpful articles about traditional church weddings as well. Her site even provides proper procession procedures and standing formations for more organization in a church wedding. Take a read. You might find something useful!

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With these resources, you’ll be able to create the perfect church seating plan for your wedding in no time.