When it comes to church chairs, the aesthetic, appearance, and small details are critical to maintaining a church’s appearance. As guests arrive at the place of worship, they tend to take in the environment and the nearby surroundings. A church with fine furniture is much more appreciated than one with ratty, worn-down, and outdated chairs. […]

Whether you’re planting a church, sprucing up an old sanctuary, or replacing old and damaged church chairs, you want to be smart about your purchase. Sure, saving money is very important, especially if buying church chairs is one of many tasks on your to-do list, but you don’t want to get carried away. When looking for […]

Whether you’re starting a church plant or sprucing up the old sanctuary, buying sturdy church chairs is a must. However, buying church chairs is not as simple as just finding any old seat for a good price and signing the check. A lot of thought must go into buying church chairs because these are what […]

When building a church, one of the most important things to remember is making the best choice for seating arrangements. Seats are one of the most important aspects within a church. Giving attendees a seat in the place of worship is crucial, so which type of seating is best? In this case, will it be […]

It’s time to make seating arrangements for your wedding, but you’re completely lost. There are too many rows and so many different places for your guests to sit. All you know is that you, the groom, and your bridesmaids/groomsmen will be standing. What about everyone else? The question is, what is the best church seating […]

Whether you’re planting a new church or are simply looking to redesign your current church location, church seating must be a part of your plans. Where your congregation will sit is one of the more important aspects of church planning you have to think about, and not just because your visitors and members need a […]

Of all the things you may have pondered, “What to do with old church pews?” may not have been a very important thought or a thought at all. That it unless you are a pastor looking to remodel a church in which case you probably googled “What to do with old church pews” to get […]

It is important to spend a lot of quality time picking out the kind of seating that best suits the needs of your church on an aesthetic and functional level. However, whether you are currently immersed in the planning process for designing your church from the ground-up or reconfiguring an existing space, you should get […]

Are you considering moving from pews to church chairs at your place of worship? Have you found that church chairs may actually be more beneficial to your congregation as well as the setup and layout of your church facility? If so, knowing where to go for the perfect church chair is a huge part of […]

 Upholstery is one of the most difficult items to clean because, just like any other fabric worn, it needs a good washing every so often. However, one cannot simply throw a chair into the washing machine in order to get the job done. First, most items are too large to fit in the center drum, […]