I would recommend your services to any congregation that is considering church chairs


Our church began our search for seating a few weeks ago. We first ordered some sample chairs from a Chinese distributor. Then we ordered samples from Bertolini. The fit, finish and overall detail of the Bertolini chair was superior. Although the Bertolini chair was higher in price, our congregation wholeheartedly agreed to buy Bertolini not just because it was a better church chair, but because it was made in America.

You jumped through many hoops since we needed the chairs for a meeting in just days. You sent the required paperwork to get the order processed and we were able to fax you the signed documents and a copy of the check to get the order confirmed. Then you notified us when the payment was received.

Since we needed the church chairs quickly and wanted to save on freight costs, I made arrangements to pick up the chairs in Lawrenceburg, TN. Two other members from the church and I drove our church bus 300 miles south yesterday. When we arrived, Rex & LaShawn greeted us at the factory. We backed our bus into the factory and began the undercalculated task of arranging 150 chairs in our 29 available seats.

We arrived at closing time, but Rex & LaShawn eagerly helped without us even having to ask. It took us 45 minutes to an hour to load and the whole time they laughed and joked while helping us. We even had 4 empty seats! We really enjoyed what we thought would be an unpleasant task. These two men went above and beyond by staying after hours and helping us, all while smiling and laughing.

I would recommend your services to any congregation that is considering seating options. And picking them up at the factory has its benefits also: freight savings, meeting new friends, Tennessee barbecue and a Davy Crockett souvenir raccoon hat right from his hometown! Our church chairs are now home, ready to be unloaded tonight and put to use tomorrow night. Thanks so much for all your help and making this a very pleasant transaction.

In Christ,
Bill Greenwood
Pleasant Ridge Christian Church