Bertolini Inc. Celebrates One Of Their Team Members For Their Contribution To The Community

Michael Wubker Sr. is an Associate Pastor at Calvary Faith Center Foursquare Church and the Customer Care Manager at Bertolini Incorporated. Mike began working for Bertolini Inc. in 2006 and has over 25 years of experience. As if that was not wonderful enough Michael Wubker Sr. is also known as Santa Michael. He first wore the magical red suit 40 years ago when his sister asked him to help out as Santa Claus for her preschool. He felt the joy and love that came from the children and continued to portray Santa Claus every year for his family.

In 2012, he saw a documentary on a man who transformed himself into Santa Claus and his story coincided with Michael. The man’s story not only rekindled the joy of Christmas but also help Michael decided to go all the way in transforming himself into Santa Michael. He began his research and attended the International University of Santa Claus in Hollywood California taught by Santa Tim Connaghan also known as National Santa and Santa Hollywood. Michael graduated with an AA in Santatology and officially became Santa Michael.

Santa Michael

Santa Michael

Santa Michael was surprised of how many doors opened for ministry. He has brought joy, love and magic to over 1,000 children. “My goal as Santa is to represent Christ and keep Christ in Christmas. As a Christian and a Minister my ambition in life is to embody God in everything I do, every part of my life”, says Santa Michael. He strongly believes that his appearance as Santa is to glorify God and is careful with the job opportunities that are offered to him. Santa Michael has turned down roles and negotiated that a script be re-written so that it will not represent Santa in a negative way. He strongly stands by the origins of St. Nicolas and the goal to keep Santa Claus as a representation of the giving God.


Santa Michael’s most memorable stories:

Last year in December 2013, on one of my Santa chair visits a family of five approached me and three precious girls’ ages 4-12 years old came directly to me ready to give me their wish list. As Mom wheeled Dad I noticed the ravaged effects of chemotherapy. Once the picture was taken I ask the girls what they wanted for Christmas. The two youngest ones asked for toys and dolls. The oldest girl said: “I just want my daddy to get better”. As I listened to her I saw that Mom began to cry and as I gave the oldest girl my full attention with teared up eyes I told her that ‘there are things that I can do and things that I cannot do but I would definitely pray for her family. The oldest girl thanked me and before they left Mom leaned in and informed me that “this will be our last Christmas”. With a heavy heart I looked at her and told her that ‘Santa is going to be praying for all of you’.

Recently this year, on one of my Santa chair visits a 9 year old boy came up and was ready to answer my question. ‘What would you like from Santa this year’, I asked. “I want for all the homeless children to get a toy”, he responded. “You know”, I said with the biggest warmth in my heart, “because you have asked for others you will be very blessed this Christmas”. As we exchanged smiles and he went on his way I took a moment to recognize that moments like these keep me going. Aside from the long days and busy hours I am thankful to witness the children that think for others and bless them and by that I am also blessed.