Millennia Series

Our commitment to excellence shows in all of our products. Bertolini sanctuary chairs – The Millennia Series is no exception to this rule. From the quality materials, our innovative assembly techniques and rigorous testing process that go into our Millennia Series, it’s easy to see that Bertolini builds sanctuary chairs that outlast any product in its class. Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating provides convenient sanctuary chairs that outlast any other chair in the world. The Millennia Series chairs provide comfort and durability you won’t find in any other chair. Style meets comfort in the Millennia Series. If you’re on a fixed budget, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort and style, then the Millennia Series chairs are for you. Simply put, you won’t find this level of comfort, elegance, durability and affordability in any other pew stacker on the market today.

A perfect combination of the Impression Series and the Essential Series, the Millennia church chair model 4015 offers both style and practicality. The build of the Millennia Chair is unique, boasting a closed loop frame created from precision welded 16 gauge 1010 cold-roll carbon steel. This means that you can rest assured this model will endure the test of time. This one of a kind chair model is also great for the environment. Locally built and sourced in the USA, this chair uses recyclable materials and is guaranteed to last long. In fact, this chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Similar to its sibling model, the Millennia Church Chair Model 4015A comes with a few small but profound changes. Sporting the rolled back edge, the soft yet sturdy bio-based foam cushioned seat, and recyclable steel foundation, the 4015A is a classic with a few upgrades, such as steel arm rests and a radius 16 gauge 1010 cold steel with integrated solid Torsion Bar System. Like all Bertolini pieces, it is built and locally sourced in the USA, offering green materials that are gentle on the environment and help reduce your carbon footprint.