Impressing Fabric!

I’m from Shelby Alliance Church in Shelby, Ohio.  We ordered 200 pew
chairs from you.  You, or someone from your company sent us a sample pew
chair with the fabric that we ordered.  Several of us were concerned about
whether or not it would show stains since it is solid colored.  We smeared
that very chair with ketchup, mustard, grape juice, coffee, french, italian
and ranch salad dressing and I mean we smeared it in, let it set for 30
minutes and attempted to clean up half of it.  Most of it came off.  We
waited about three hours and we tried the second half and most of it came
off.  I tried one more time today and it looks brand new.  We only used
warm water and Joy liquid dish washing soap.  I’m impressed!- Jean, Shelby Alliance Church