Holly Houser

Regional Manager

Hi, my name is Holly Houser and I am the Regional Manager for the Central USA. The fact that Bertolini has designed comfort into its seating has contributed to many of my customers’ successes in ministry. It is as rewarding to sell twenty-five chairs to a start up church as it is to sell five hundred chairs to a growing church, or twenty five hundred chairs to a well established church. I recommend all of our chairs depending on the individual needs, but I would suggest our 7025 chair model because it has everything built into already and it is the premium chair.

A pastor called in and said that he was at a three hour funeral service one day. He said that he was able to sit the whole three hours without being uncomfortable or having to readjust the way he was sitting. After the service he sort of stood there looking at the chair and said, “This is what I need in my church.” He looked at the bottom of the chair and found our Bertolini 800 number and called me the very next day for a catalog. People just can’t stop talking about how comfortable the Bertolini chair is. It’s moments like these that make my job so rewarding. I always tell my pastors that I have a great job because I get to talk to kind, genuine, and down to earth people everyday.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you.