“Farsund Misjonsmenighet Chose Bertolini Chairs…”

“Hi Jan! Farsund Misjonsmenighet arranged a congregation meeting yesterday evening. After a long and thorough evaluation process they chose chairs produced by Bertolini… CONGRATULATIONS! The fact that Farsund Misjonsmenighet chose Bertolini chairs signifies that your treatment of the 40 damaged chairs for Lista Misjonsmenighet strengthens your good reputation here in Norway! It was a serious challenge for you, but you didn’t hesitate and chose a good solution. I was very thankful to witness your course of action in that case. Have a great day and enjoy the victory in competition with cheaper Chinese chairs. Now congregations in Norway have a new and better alternative because of Bertolini Sanctuary Seating! – Olav Vegge of OV Import A/S in Rudjord, Norway.