Essentials Series

Our commitment to excellence is weaved into the building and design of the Essentials Series. This church chair is practical, yet with a contemporary styling design. This may be our basic stacker line, but the craftsmanship, innovation and value poured into these chairs will blow you away. We use only the highest-quality materials, innovative assembly techniques, and a rigorous testing process to make the best church seating on the market. It’s easy to see that church seating – The Essentials Series can outlast any product in its class. Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating provides convenient church seating that outlast any other chair in the world. The Essentials Series provides comfort and durability unlike any other chair.

This pew stacker is ideal for an economically priced chair; however, like any of Bertolini’s products, it always comes backed with our promise to provide the best qualities in lumbar support and a plush back. This attractive chair is convenient for storage in auditoriums, churches, and conference rooms.

For those on a budget, but still desire high-end products and comfort, the 2005 is a great fitting chair with single action lumbar support. It still has that luxurious comfort, but for a lower price, and always comes with our promise to never comprise quality. This chair will fit any of your needs.

The 2005A is perfect for those who desire a comfortable, stunning chair without the designer price.

Bertolini’s Essentials Model 2004 is carefully and intentionally made with the same quality in mind as the 2005 model. Essentially, this chair features a less aggressive, although still very comfortable, lumbar treatment with that same full-length back cushioning that has long been a favorite at Bertolini. Ultimately, this model provides both style and utility in the shape of our classic pew stacker. We don’t compromise quality because we want our customers to be comfortable in every aspect.

We understand that sometimes, more space means more comfort. For that reason, our Essentials Model 2205 combines the critical elements that make up a durable and comfortable chair, just like our others, but in a 22-inch wide frame. Featuring a single action lumbar, dual-density seat cushioning, and the industry’s strongest frame, this chair is perhaps the best 22-inch piece of sanctuary seating that is currently available. For comfort, style, durability and cost, the 2205 model is your biggest, and best bet.

We’ll say it again – more is more! Whether you’re looking at Model 2205’s 22-inch frame, or Model 2805’s 18-inch build, either way there’s more chair. There is more of our metal-to-metal fastening technology and our quality componentry for even more durability: more of our thoughtfully tailored back cushioning to create an additional long-lasting comfort. If you seek consistency and comfort, this model is your top pick.