Impressions Series

Only the highest-quality materials go into the Impressions series chair, which molds to the body for optimal comfort, while the sound structure provides amazing durability. Our unique design makes it the only maintenance-free pew stacking church chair available. The Flex-Fit™ seat and the Fit-Tight™ fastening system with BosScrew™ technology features true ergonomic design for optimal sitting comfort and incredible durability. All Impressions™ Series models feature the award winning Ergo-V back. This back support system has become the sanctuary® seating industry’s strongest and most comfortable back. When you’re ready to consider your next purchase of sanctuary® seating, look no further than Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating and the Impressions™ Series.

Push heavy chairs aside and make way for the 18-pound Impressions 77025. With a 20-inch wide seat, this make is able to accommodate any body type with comfort and durability thanks to light weight frame and state of the art cushions made with carbon bar fibers. Plus, the flexible back on this chair provides lumbar and outer back support to exceed all comfort expectations, with Ergo V technology and Flex-Fit technology. Made and sourced out of recycled steel right in the USA, these chairs are strong enough to last longer than the average. This model comes with Bertolini’s promise to provide the best in seating experience.

The excellence of the 7025 includes special exclusive foam cushioning and a Flex-Fit seat, triple action lumbar, and enhanced outer back acoustical treatment for maximum comfort and style. This Pew Stacker is efficient, mobile, and comfortable, and is made of only the best materials. This chair is built and sourced locally with a mix of quality, recyclable USA steel, bio-based foam cushioning, and 30+% post industrial recycled seat polymers, creating top-notch stability and low overall maintenance.

The 7025A shows innovation at its finest. With stackable arm configuration, this model combines mobility and comfort unique to the 7025A. Our Flex-Fit seat provides an unbeatable cushion perfect for lengthy events, and it has a triple action lumbar that enforces sturdy back support. It is made with locally sourced components—including recyclable USA steel, bio-based foam cushioning, and 30+% postindustrial recycled seat polymers—that make this chair well worth the choice.

With scalloped corners for a nifty edge in the church, auditorium or conference room, sink into these plush seats for utmost comfort in whatever situation you find yourself in. The shorter seat width of 20-inches allows more chairs to fit in one area, with enough space to not compromise coziness. The triple action lumbar spine support is truly divine, contouring to the body for optimum care.

Similar to the other chairs in the Impressions line, the model 7227 has a 22-inch wide seat and scalloped corners. Feel free to mix and match the 7227 and 7027 in order to accommodate all body sizes! The scalloped edges allow these chairs to stand out, and, of course, the Flex-Fit seat has triple action lumbar spine support! You might never want to stand up again thanks to this luxury piece.

With rounded corners and a smooth back the 77005 has the ability to slightly rock back for the best position for each particular sitting. The seat is 20-inches wide to fit anywhere. Plus, this make always comes with Bertolini’s promise to offer incomparable lumbar support and comfort. We never compromise our quality, and this chair will surely prove our brand’s moto.

This continuation of the sleek, ergonomic Impression series features all of the same benefits that the series embraces while also introducing a fresh new design that ensures comfort and stability. This design has many of the same features as its sibling Model 7025, but has been given a unique and experience-altering twist: a sleek, full-length back with rounded corners to give the user a smooth and more comfortable experience, free of any sharp edges. The model 7005 also comes with an Upgraded Flex-Fit seat. Flexible bridging technology has allowed for an ergonomic seat saddles that fits itself perfectly to the user. The Impressions series is the only series in our collections to sport this blow-molded flex seat, making it a solid choice to make with comfort and accessibility in mind.

If you loved the combined comfort and efficiency of the original 7005 model, then the upgraded 7005A will surely fit your taste. It carries with it not only the unique benefits of the Impressions series, and the particular comfort and style of the 7005 model, but also adds on yet another feature: its stackable arm configuration allows you to be even more efficient with your time, allowing you to more easily stack them and save time while doing so. It also provides an armrest that adds to the comfort and security of its design. As with its partnered makes, the model 7005A is an ideal choice for unmatched comfort: the contoured, ergonomic back with full length fabric, the advanced lumbar support system, and the contoured S-shape saddle are all factors that combine harmoniously to create an experience that will allow you to sit for hours at a time without experiencing discomfort.

If you are looking for an excellent design variation of the popular Model 7025, then you will love the Impressions Model 7007, which features a sleek full length back with scalloped corners. In addition to this new look, model 7007 continues to offer the best of what the Impressions series has to offer, including, but not limited, to ease and accessibility. Not only does the Impressions series sport the strongest frame in the industry, but the Fit-Tight fastening system comes with the self-tightening BosScrew to ensuring that this chair will last for many years.

The gorgeous Impressions Church Chair Model 7207 is one of the latest chair models from Bertolini Sanctuary Seating. The 22-inch pew stacker is a wider chair that offers both comfort and style to the sanctuary. This model boasts our Flex-Fit seat as well as built in lumbar support so that individuals of all ages can sit comfortably. Made with recyclable steel, bio-based foam cushions, and over 30% postindustrial recycled seat polymers, this chair model is also gentle on the environment. When you purchase this model, you can expect a maximum return on investment, as well as limited lifetime frame warranty! If you want a chair that offers ultra-high comfort, an incredibly durable finish, and comes in a variety of rich, designer fabrics and colors, look no further than Impressions chair model 7207.