Model 2205

Essentials Church Chair 2205

The 2205 combines the essential elements that make up a durable and comfortable chair just as the 2005 but in a 22″ wide version. This model features a single action lumbar. It is value driven and economically priced to fit the tightest budget. For comfort, style, durability and value, the 2205 is the best 22″ entry level sanctuary® seating pew stacking church chair your money can buy.

Built and Sourced Locally in the USA

This chair is quality built in the USA for a chair that lasts longer and needs replacing less often; locally sourced with components such as recyclable USA steel and bio-based foam cushioning.

Rock Solid Durability with High Grade Componentry

Metal-to-metal fastening technology and top-quality componentry for rock solid durability.

Unmatched Comfort

The thoughtfully tailored back cushioning acts in perfect concert with a Dual-Density seat cushioning and rolled front seat to create long-lasting comfort.

Industry’s Strongest Frame

This 18″ Configuration shown here in the 2205 is also available to match the Essentials 2004 (2204) and the Essentials 2007 (2207). Actual specification vary by model.


Ultra-Durable Powder-coat electrostatically applied and baked at over 400 degrees. Saltwater tested to over 800 hours. Both standard and designer finishes available. Chrome and brass plating also available.


Over 50 standard fabrics and hundreds of designer fabrics to choose from. C.O.M. (Customer’s Own Material) fabrics are usable upon approval; allow 0.8 to 1.1 yards of standard width fabric depending on model.

Booted Rocker Glides

Noncorrosive ribbed and booted self-leveling rocker glides which eliminate swivel-glide failure.

Stack Buttons

Friction-fit, non-rigid polymer stack buttons stay in place, preventing marring.

Extensive Internal and Independent Testing

Exceeds all BIFMA standards (and a few that BIFMA has not thought of).

Longest Warranty in the Industry

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Maximum ROI for Your Facility

We’ve brought together the industry’s strongest frame, zero maintenance seat and longest warranty to provide you with maximum return on investment.