Church Chairs

Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating is the most trusted name in church chairs and seating . Offering a large selection of superior USA built church chairs, banquet chairs, auditorium chairs, classroom chairs and many other quality products. We are the leading chair manufacturer offering custom built USA made chairs, in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and Chino, California. We strongly believe that it is important for all the right reasons that come quickly to most of our minds: employment, economics and fair labor practices to name a few. We are also motivated by the desire to benefit the local customer, by being right in the neighborhood. This way our chairs can ship faster without having to limit choices, and ensure that there is only a 110% satisfaction with the chairs received, and give confidence that our customer will never have to worry about their chairs, ever.

Pastor Piper’s Church Chair Adventures

Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating has an unerring eye for what’s next in premium church seating, and a relentless drive to exceed expectations. From the quality of the materials we use, our innovative assembly techniques and rigorous testing process, the best products goes directly from us to you. If you are looking for the industry leader in innovation, unrivaled service and steadfast integrity, you will find it at Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating. Three generations of furniture building, over 50 years in USA based stackable chair manufacturing , our family-owned business has provided high-quality premium seating and furniture to a variety of churches and companies like Denny’s Restaurants, Radisson Hotels, and Disneyland. The Bertolini family’s motivation is to continue to deliver the best high-quality stackable chairs with elegance, comfort and durability. Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating will stand behind their product in the decades to come just like they’ve stood behind it in past decades. That’s the expectation when the chairs are “Custom Built by Bertolini.” That’s the Bertolini Difference.

Impressions Series

The Everflex 77025 takes the highest qualities of the Impressions series and combines them to make an exceptional chair that will wow anyone. Bertolini’s exclusive 2 lb. blue foam cushioning, Ergo-V back, triple action lumbar, and enhanced outer back acoustical treatment provide exemplary all-day comfort and quality. The locally sourced components—including recyclable USA steel, bio-based foam cushioning, and 30+% postindustrial recycled seat polymers—lasts longer and needs less maintenance than comparable models in the market. The overall fabric and finish have been applied and tested, exceeding all BIFMA standards.

All new for 2016 is the Impressions™ Model 7025. It’s the perfect example of why we’re not willing to settle for lesser quality even when most others will. From our classic Flex-Fit™ seat to the triple action lumbar and enhanced outer back acoustical treatment, we have worked to provide only the best and most comfortable option for our customers. The Impressions™ Model 7025 could help you have the best in sanctuary seating today. Quality built in the USA, this chair lasts longer and needs replacing less often. Not to mention, this product is locally sourced with materials ranging from recyclable USA steel, bio-based foam cushioning, and 30+% post industrial recycled seat polymers. With the innovative Flex-Fit™ blow-molded seat and Fit-Tight™ fastening system with self-tightening BosScrew™, you can ensure that everyone will be sitting safely. Our special ultra-durable powder coat is electrostatically applied and baked at over 400 degrees and saltwater tested for over 800 hours. Depending on your taste, both standard and designer finishes are available. With much time, effort, and care, we’ve brought together the industry’s strongest frame, our zero maintenance seat, and the longest warranty that we can provide, all in order to give you the maximum return on your investment.

With all the modernity, comfort, and cushion of the essential 7025, the 7025A offers arm configurations to rest your elbows on. This seat is shaped with the same stack-ability that allows this chair to be stored and interconnected perfectly. Designed with the help of mechanical engineers, the chairs hold up to 800 pounds with a unique crossbar that absorbs any shock when the chair is kicked or bumped to prevent bending of chair legs! Like always, our chairs are made from the finest materials found here in the USA, and the comfort is unbeatable. Not to mention, its frames are the strongest in the industry, are finished to prevent erosion from saltwater, and fit with a long lasting warranty.

The best way to completely absorb the divine wisdom of this world is to be able to sit in comfort. When our posture is upright, and our bodies feel supported, we can be more focused to listen with intent. Thankfully, this Impressions Model 7027, thanks to its scallop corners and additional styling for sustenance, is the best fit. The Flex-Fit design of this chair cradles the posterior with a triple action lumbar support and an enhanced outer back acoustical treatment.

Fidgeting is a distraction, and not just for one’s own intellect, but for those surrounding as well. With such interferences, vital information and life lessons can be missed and never regained. Thankfully this can come to an end thanks to the innovation of the Impressions Model 7227. With the added room, those who are seated can meet with close intimacy, but still maintain the desired luxury and comfort of personal space. Not to mention, this design also comes with Bertolini’s standard triple action lumbar support and enhanced outer back acoustical treatment for added contentment. The best there is in Church Chair seating is with the Impressions Series 22” Model 7227.

In every walk of life, people seek the support of their peers to embrace their pioneering thoughts and prestigious actions. It’s a tiresome task, to say the least, because such determined drive is tedious. However, there is comfort in knowing that such absolute support can be found it in the Impressions Series Church Chair Model 77005. When those who are strong find themselves to be weary, their salvation can be restored with a revolutionary EverFlex flex back posterior. In addition, this make’s upholstery mold’s to the back for additional sustenance and always comes with Bertolini’s lumbar support promise by paring it with the comfort and durability of a million-cycle flexible back with the standard outer acoustical treatment. The joys of security and care are at fingertip’s reach thanks to the total support of Impressions Model 77005.

The Impressions Church Chair Model 7005 comes with a number of advantages that make it a great selection for your sanctuary seating needs. The soft, rounded corners, a sleek, full length back, and sturdy steel legs and foundation make this model not only comfortable, but able to withstand years and years of use without losing any of its quality. The Impressions Model 7005 is built here in the USA using locally sourced materials. Recyclable USA steel, environmentally sound cushioning, and more than 30% post-industrial recycled seat polymers are just some of the components that go into making this environmentally friendly model. The simple yet modern design includes Flex-Fit blow-molded seat as well as a Fit-Tight fastening system, meaning no loose screws that need replacing after only light use. The model 7005 also sports a commercial grade virgin foam cushioning on seat and back that maximize comfort and style. The limited lifetime frame warranty on this chair guarantees it has been built to last, so you don’t have to worry about premature wear and tear, replacement costs, or losing out on your investment!

Model 7005A varies from its sibling model by introducing a state-of-the-art stackable arm configuration. Still made from recyclable USA steel, this configuration gives this arm chair the ability to be stacked and stored seamlessly. With the same Bertolini quality, the Model 7005A is made with the same locally sourced materials that ensures it is not only built well, but made to last long. This model can be ordered in any fabric pattern, frame, or colors. The comfortable seat and back offer unmatched lumbar support without feeling rigid. The Impressions Model 7005A comes with limited lifetime warranty, making this a wholly sound investment that will last and last.

The Impressions Pew Stacker Model 7007 offers comfort, style, and unmatched durability. The Model 7007 is built from locally sourced, recyclable materials. The cushions are made from bio-based foam and include more than 30% post-industrial recycled seat polymers that ensure it will last long and be gentle on the environment. The soft yet sleek back and rounded seat cushions offer easy comfort while also offering lumbar support and encouraging straight-backed seating without the discomfort. It comes with the industry’s strongest frame—a Radius 16 gauge 1010 cold rolled steel and integrated solid Torsion Bar System. You can also order Model 7007 with the Stackable Arm Configurations seen on Impressions 7005A and 7007A for more ease with storage. This model also includes limited lifetime warranty so you can rest easy that you have the best product the Industry has to offer.

Simplicity, innovation, comfort: this is what we had in mind when we designed Impressions Model 7207. This church chair represents the best of Sanctuary seating today, standing out from the rest through its elegant simplicity. The Impressions Model 7207 is always fitted to you. This is not a chair that forces its user into an unnatural, dissatisfying position that can cause back and neck pain. This puts contoured, foam-cushioned Ergo-V back into harmony with a contoured S-shape saddle that fits the back perfectly to ensure all-day comfort. Built with longevity and durability in mind, this 22’’ chair requires no maintenance: its innovative Flex-Fit molded seat and Fit-Tight fastening system with the self-tightening BosScrew ensure that the chair remains as strong years from now as the day you purchased it. Add in a durable finish, a strong steel frame, and rocker glides to eliminate swivel-glide failure, and this chair becomes a solid investment in design and durability.

Millennia Series

Practical and powerful: the Millenia Model 4015 synthesizes the traditional Essentials Series with the embellishments of the award winning Impressions Series to create a stylish and comfortable church chair. The Millenia Model 4015 is the epitome of comfort thanks to a perfectly contoured back, double action lumbar, and Bertolini’s exclusive dual-density foam-cushioning. You can choose from an array of standard and designer fabrics, and it’s even possible to customize the chair’s finish to have unique design features such as chrome or brass plating. Featuring an integrated torsion bar system with solid, closed loop frame, this chair is all but unbreakable, able to endure great amounts of wear and tear. It also includes metal-to-metal fastening technology that contributes to its ability to withstand the test of time.

If you loved the stylish comfort of the Millenia Model 4015, then you are sure to love Millenia Model 4015A, which adds improved comfort and efficiency to the standard church chair. The Millenia Model 4015A is comfortable and natural. The main new addition of the Millenia 4015A is a pair of stylish armrests that ensure long-term comfort. This new feature creates additional comfort for long sitting sessions, as well as ease of access for those who may require it. We have also kept the lumbar support that made our original Millenia Model so successful. Not only are these armrests comfortable, but they make this chair more stackable than ever with its featured friction-fit polymer stack buttons that keeps the chairs from wear and tear during the stacking process.

Essentials Series

A favorite from Bertolini, the Essentials 2007 is aptly named for its straightforward style that has since become a staple for so many churches. While it may be a basic, entry-level pew stacker, this model still provides support and a simple aesthetic value, just like many of our other chairs. Sourced and crafted in America, this chair model prides itself on upholding Bertolini standards at a fair price: standards such as unmatched comfort, the industry’s strongest frame, reliable stacking and safety features, and also the industry’s longest warranty. When it comes down to it, this model truly has all the essentials.

For comfort, style, durability, and value, the Essentials Model 2005 is the best budget sanctuary seating you can ask for. By combining so many of Bertolini’s classic elements, this chair doesn’t feel “cost efficient” at all! With single action lumbar, tailored cushioning, and top-quality American craftsmanship, this chair combines feather soft seating with rock solid durability. Like others of the Essentials collection, this model has been thoughtfully made with you and your church in mind. Incredible comfort doesn’t have to come with extravagant spending, and we’re not a company willing to settle for lesser quality even when most others will.

Another chair in the Essentials collection, the 2005A model combines the essential elements that make up a durable and comfortable chair. This popular model features a single action passive lumbar for support, the strongest frame in the industry for safety, and a plethora of design options for whatever style you’re looking for. In the end, we strive to help our customers find what they want, and in the price range they want. That’s what we do here at Bertolini, and this 2005A model is a product of that exact dedication.

With enough comfort and a lower price, this chair has a full cushion back without passive lumbar. Set these chairs around a table, side-by-side, or in an auditorium to stay upright while you are nestle in cozy serenity!

Identical to the 2005, the 2205 is a 22-inch wide seat with cushions to provide the utmost deluxe comfort, but with a few more roomy inches. The single passive lumbar action provides support for the spine while achieving a stylish look to match any décor. Of course, we offer an array of material selections as well as the option to provide your own fabric! It’s hard to find a chair with this high quality for such an affordable price.

A narrower seat without taking away from all of the comfort allows many of these chairs to fit in a room, around a table, stacked upon each other – whatever your intentions are, they provide. You will notice the chair snugly form-fitting your spine with its single action lumbar support and plush cushioning. Its affordable, comfortable, and fashionable all in one style of luxury seating.

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