The Church Chairs Are of Excellent Quality and Are Comfortable To Sit In

From New Liberty Church in Eddyville, IL, Pastor Jerry K. Jackson :

Of all of the comments received from the congregation of New Liberty Church about our new church chairs, we were all pleased. Many noticed that they did not have their normal aches and pains with these church chairs as with our former church pews. We are not in the sanctuary of our new building yet, and we like that the chairs are easy to move and lock together very easily so that when the sanctuary is done, the move from the fellowship hall to the sanctuary will be easy. We feel very blessed to have such nice chairs in our church. Lastly, we liked that the chairs were very versatile because we could change up the seating for our different events (make rows wider/shorter, add rows etc) throughout the year.

Below are some comments from some of the congregation…

“The chairs are of excellent quality and are comfortable to sit in. They look beautiful and would be appropriate for any church sanctuary.”

“Comfy-Attractive-Convenient(tray for hymnals & bibles)”

“Gene and I both thought they were very comfortable.  Also like the height, being so short some chairs are just not comfy for me.  We also liked the shelf in the chair in front for the hymn books.  We were quite impressed.  They have a nice quality look to them also.”

“Reita and I were quite pleased with the chairs. They were very comfortable to sit on, and looked really good….”

“I thought they were very comfortable”

New Liberty Church in Eddyville

New Liberty Church in Eddyville