At Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating we celebrate the fact that what we build day in and day out is much more than just a chair; we see it as a tool for church leaders like you to more effectively impact your community!

Find out why Pastor Piper’s parishioners are all leaving before his sermon is done. Poly Pumpernickel has the answer!

The important things in life and in ministry are those Things with Oxygen, although Things Without Oxygen matter too, in as much as they support the success of our efforts to focus on the first.

This interview featuring Jim Bertolini give potential buyers of church chairs insight into why Bertolini Inc. builds church chairs and why it’s important that these chairs support the ministry of the local church.

Churches planning to buy chairs need to be careful of fraudulent companies that may not be financially stable enough to fulfill a contract for an order of chairs. Here one such church’s story…