How Powdercoating Works on Church Chairs

When you look at a stackable church chair you may not notice that the process to apply the “paint” is far more complicated than just shooting it with a can of spray paint. The raw metal must be acid  washed to remove all residue left over from welding and even the oils from the hands of the people who have handled it.  It’s then put on a rack and sent into a machine the magnetizes  the metal, then the “paint” is sprayed on the metal. The magnetization adherers the metal particles in the “paint” to the raw metal.  At this point the chair frame is baked.  During this process all the textures and veining are brought out.  The temperature during the baking process must be correct along with the length of time that the chair is baked.

If any of the above mentioned processes aren’t working correctly the powder coat will begin to chip away in the matter of a few years or even months.  At Bertolini Inc. the entire process is done in their manufacturing facility.   This ensures that the quality is as good as it gets in every aspect of the manufacturing process.  Most companies send their product out to be powder coated and aren’t able to offer the same guarantee of workmanship as Bertolini Inc. can.

Bertolini uses a 3-stage pre-wash process for maximum adhesion that ensures our finishes will stand up for decades. While some companies import cheap, low quality powder-coat that can spot or blemish, Bertolini uses the highest quality powder for the highest quality finish available on our church chairs. In fact, our powder coating system was built just for Bertolini utilizing state-of-the-art temperature wash solution monitoring devices, a zero emissions booth, and a zero run-off water filter and recycling eco system. Unlike many of the older powdercoating systems in use today, our state of the art, environmentally friendly powder-coating system insures that your church chairs have the highest quality adhesion with zero environment impact.