Why Cold Rolled Steel is Important in Church Chairs

We begin our process by purchasing precision welded, high-quality 1010 cold rolled steel tubing manufactured in the USA exclusively to Bertolini’s radius specification. Cold rolled steel provides the optimum surface for powder coat adhesion. While other stackable seating manufacturers use weaker 18-gauge tubing merely to cut costs, Bertolini uses 16-gauge tubing on all their church chairs for the utmost in strength and safety.

We specify a generous radius edge that increases the strength of the leg by 6% and allows for a deeper penetration of the weld yielding a stronger bond at the weld joints. This process utilizes state-of-the-art pneumatic weld fixtures and precision weld techniques that create low profile, smooth welds with excellent molecular penetration. This welding permits our church chairs to withstand the most rigorous environments.

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