What to Expect After You’ve Placed Your Order

Bertolini strives to make your chair buying experience easy and stress free; after all, as a leader you already experience more than your fair share of pressure. That’s why we are diligent in making sure that your expectations are promptly met and communication with you is accurate and timely. Below we have listed what’s typical after an order has been placed to give you a better idea of what to expect:


Once your custom built chair order is placed and processed, you will receive an acknowledgment (receipt) confirmation by email or mail in approximately 1-2 weeks. The acknowledgment will inform you on the estimated shipping date of your order. Please review it carefully. Any questions or changes contact your Sales Representative. No acknowledgment is sent out on in-stock orders.

Order Scheduled

At the same time your order will be scheduled in production and materials (fabric, metal, foam) will be ordered.

Pre-production Call

If your order is more than 75 Chairs, we will contact you with a Pre-Production Call to inform you that we will begin custom building your chair order. This call is to also ensure that you will also be ready for the chairs to be completed, shipped and delivered.


Before any customer order is wrapped for shipment, it must pass a rigorous ISO 9000 compliant quality control inspection. Our inspectors measure 8 inspection points on each chair. Chairs that don’t meet standards are rejected and replaced before your order is shipped.

Packaged for Shipping

Once your order is built and completed, it is carefully shrink wrapped with corrugated 10″ x 72″ strips on the edges for protection. The chairs are stacked 10-12 high (8-10 chairs stacked with bookracks). Our innovative packaging minimizes the potential for damage and helps to insure your chairs arrive on time and ready for use.

Shipping Notification

Our shipping department will contact you to give you the information regarding your shipment, shipping carrier contact information, your tracking number and an anticipated delivery window. We work with independent shipping carriers and instruct them to contact you no later than 24 hours before delivery to schedule a delivery appointment.

Offloading Your Chairs

Chairs are normally shipped wrapped and stacked 10-12 chairs high. The driver is required to bring the chairs to the rear of the trailer. You are required to lower them to ground level, to have chair dollies and adequate personnel (minimum of 4-6) to off-load and move chairs into the facility. Please watch the following video

How to Offload your Chairs

Tips on How to Offload Your Church Chairs.

Remember: the more dollies you have the easier it s to move them inside your facility and around your facility.

Contact Us Anytime for Status

At any time once your order has been placed and you would like a status, please contact us at 800-738-0113.

Important Contacts:

    Mike Wubker, Customer Care/Repair and Warranty
    800-738-0113 OR 800-647-7725 Ext. 136

    Frank Gomez, Shipping Coordinator (Chino, CA) 800-647-7745 Ext. 147

    Rex Hartsfield, Shipping Coordinator (Lawrenceburg, TN) 931-829-2703 Ext. 107

Our communication with you is our #1 Priority!