How Do I Choose The Right Church Chair If Durability Is A Huge Factor?

Durability is a key factor in the manufacturing of Bertolini church chairs. Bertolini chairs are designed to withstand any wear and tear that can arise through years of use. Bertolini chairs are designed to be fully functional for years to come without any maintenance at all. The chair will remain durable far beyond the lifetime of chairs manufactured by others. Only Bertolini chairs come equipped with the Bertolini designed self tightening BosScrew and Flex-Fit seating technology. The self tightening BosScrew will prevent a chair screw from hitting your sanctuary floor ever again while the Flex-Fit blow molded seat offers the utmost comfort in seating that the industry has to offer.  Bertolini also includes fully encased chair feet that will protect both the chair and the floor. Only Bertolini can offer truly “zero maintenance” chairs that will last a lifetime.

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