Foams Found In Church Chairs

Bertolini church chairs use only the finest machine crafted foam on the market. We work with one of America’s leading producers of foam cushioning using their bio-based foam products. These foam cushioning products leave a smaller environmental footprint in comparison to traditional foams made with petroleum products, are fully recyclable, are free of the controversial PBDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers) and are produced without the use of chlorinated fluorocarbons. These bio-based foams are the industries best and perfect for the industries best banquet chairs and church chairs; they are so good that their performance meets or exceeds the petroleum based counter parts they’ve replaced. Using these USA made foams, Bertolini engineers have created a new level of comfort found only in Bertolini chairs. The commercial grade foam found in these chairs is unrivaled in comfort, durability, and quality. Bertolini’s foam will outlast any other foam on the market and provide comfort for years to come while its competitors’ foams are degrading in quality.