Foam Fabrication and Quality in Church Chairs

Bertolini’s Exclusive 2 lb. Foam is considered the industry’s best. Bertolini’s R & D team worked closely with our foam manufacturers to develop this foam to be both extremely comfortable and durable, and denser than anything our competitors offer. Backed by a 10 year warranty. Bertolini’s Dual Density UltraFoam™ provides comfort and longevity through a blend of firm 3 lb. high resiliency foam on the bottom of the cushion that prevents the foam from breaking down while commercial grade 1.8 lb. foam on the top gives your guest a plush comfortable feel. The same 3lb. high resilience foam used in our dual density Ultrafoam™ is available in a full three single density seat for a firmer feel with increased durability sufficient for even the most rigorous applications. These innovations provide the best church chairs in the industry.