FACT: Heavier isn’t always better.

Many different components are used in making a church chair. Most  manufacturers don’t take into account that church seating is often stacked and reset many times during the year for events and banquets.  This can cause problems when staff members and volunteers stack the chairs and move them. Nobody wants to suffer from a back sprain due to excessive lifting. At Bertolini, steps are taken to ensure a high quality, strong product but cut down the weight as much as possible.  Other manufacturers use wood, 1 inch tubular steel throughout and excessively heavy foam to make their chairs.  At Bertolini they used blow molded plastic seats and backs, smaller tubular steel on the backs, and high quality foam that provides the same support and longevity but weighs less. These changes not only make Bertolini’s church chairs superior but easier to stack and reset as well.