The Top 10 Things to Look for in a Church Chair

Here is a rather short list of things to consider when purchasing a church chair:

1. Value.  There are many church chair distributors to be found on the web, most can offer what appears to be outstanding pricing but what you may very well get is a cheaply manufactured chair from china.

2. Selection.  It’s important to find a chair that not only looks good but can be built to fit your sanctuary.  If you can deal directly with the manufacturer as opposed to a distributor it’s easier to get chairs that are made to different widths so that each row in a curved or awkward shaped configuration will be the same.  Fabric isn’t the only option for making a chair aesthetically pleasing, different finishes on the chair frame are usually available.

3. Financing. In today’s economy it’s difficult sometimes to come up with the money necessary to refurbish a sanctuary.  Looking for a chair manufacturer that  will offer financing at reasonable rates can be critical.

4. Foam. It may seem like a inconsequential thing to look at when shopping for chairs, who’s going to see the foam anyway?  However it can be one of the most crucial things to consider.  Like  the padding placed under a quality carpet, the foam can determine the lifespan of a chair.  You need to find a heavy foam that is comfortable but will stand the test of time.

5. Fabric.  It’s important to consider not only how the color of the fabric matches your decor but also how well the fabric will hold up to extended use.  If your sanctuary is used only for one service on Sunday morning then an inexpensive fabric might do the trick and last for years to come.  However if you plan on expanding in the future or you already have several services then it would be cost effective to pay a little more up front for the fabric and have it last and look good for years to come.

6. Frame. The frames on cheap chairs from China are manufactured using a process called crush bending where the tubular steel is bent without any support from inside thus crushing the steel as it’s bent.  This makes the frame weak.  The better option is to look for frames that are manufactured using mandrel bending where a steel rod is placed inside the tubular steal as it’s bent into shape.  This is not only important for the strength of the chair but also provides a nicely sculpted look instead of the wrinkles associated with crush bending.

7. Options. Look for options such as communion cup holders, bulletin holders and trays for Bibles incorporated into the seat.  While most manufacturers offer these options it can be advantageous to find one that offers lumbar support and wide backs as well.

8. Customer Service. This can be important not only in the initial purchasing phase but also later on. Should problems arise or better yet you need to order more of the exact same chair, it’s good to know you have someone you can call and get immediate results quickly without having to hassle with a phone tree.

9. Warranty. Some chair manufacturers offer only a 5 year warranty if any warranty at all.  Look for a manufacturers that offer warranties up to 25 years on their church chairs.

10. Finally look for chairs made in the USA by a reputable manufacturer.  Many of the chairs offered on the internet at discounted rates are imported from China.  These chairs are made from substandard materials that will not stand the test of time.


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