The Inverted Fastener Retention Load Test for Church Chairs

The new Flex-Fit™ featuring the Fit-Tight™ fastening system easily withstands loads exceeding 450 lbs of weight onto the seat as it is fastened in an inverted fashion. Seats made of wood substrates just couldn’t bear the load. Results: The new Flex-Fit™ seat holds screws in place up to 70% better with its Fit-Tight™ fastening system which means no more finding loose screws that have fallen out of the church chairs onto the floor. Plywood, strand-board and particleboard just won’t measure up.

No other manufacturer would dare subject their church chairs to the rigorous weight drop test that Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating demands of their new Flex-Fit™ seat. This is not a test for the timid. We start by dropping a 10 pound steel weight onto the seat as it is fastened in an inverted fashion (this is like turning the chair upside down and dropping the weight on the bottom of seat) to simulate screw holding power when the chair is handled roughly or jarred. If 10 lbs. is good, then 20 is better…

Results: The new Bertolini Flex-Fit™ seat stood up to both 10 and 20 pound weight drop test without any damage. The wooden seat used by others was no match for the new Flex-Fit seat.