Church Chairs That Go Beyond BIFMA Standards

So how well does the new Flex-Fit™ seat stack up against seat foundations used by other manufacturers of church chairs? This amazing new seat exceeds all of the BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) standards, as well as a few standards BIFMA hasn’t thought of. The BIFMA standards are intended to provide manufacturers, specifiers, and users with a common basis for evaluating safety, durability, and the structural adequacy of the specified furniture, independent of construction materials.

Bertolini furniture exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards in the following tests conducted in an independent lab:

#6 Back Strength-static Type III, 150 lb. & 250 lb. rearward loads applied to chair back
#8 Drop Test-Dynamic, 225 lb. and 300 lb. shot filled bag dropped from 6”
#11 Seating Durability-Cyclic, 125 lb. shot filled bag dropped from 2”, 100,000
cycles, alternating 165 lb loads to both front corners for 40,000 cycles
#12 Seating Impact-Cyclic , 125 lb. shot filled bag dropped from 2”, 100,000 cycles
#12.3 Stability Test-Rear Dynamic, 173 lb. test mass on seat, rearward tipping force recorded
#12.4 Stability Test-Forward-Dynamic, 135 lb. test mass 2.4” from front edge of seat, 4.5 lb. forward tipping force
#16 Back Durability-Cyclic-Type III, 100 lb. load on restrained seat, 75 lb. rearward load applied to chair back for 120,000 cycles
#18.3 Leg Strength-Frontload-Static, 75 lb. and 125 lb. front to rear loads applied to bottom of chair leg
#18.4 Leg Strength-Side Load-Static, 75 lb. and 115 lb. inward loads applied to bottom of leg

While these tests are a good benchmark of acceptable quality, Bertolini regularly test 3 and 4 times beyond BIFMA to insure excellent quality.