High School Sunday School Lessons Everyone Will Love

high school sunday school lessons

Sunday school lessons are meant to teach kids about morality, integrity, and kindness, among other honorable traits. Using the Bible as a guide, these lessons are intended to pick from the Word, the most potent lessons for high school age individuals, and teach them in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.

Though all the lessons found in the Bible apply to a person at every stage of their life, there are some that can just really hit home for teens, making them much more useful and life-changing. The best way to choose and execute Sunday school lessons for high school aged kids is to find lessons that can be built upon as they grow into adults.

If they learn something as a freshman, it should be just as relevant as a senior, but also should grow with them as their lives and priorities change. The following tips will help you find perfect high school Sunday school lessons for your kids for years to come.


Great High School Sunday School Lessons: Topics to Tackle

High school is perhaps the most formative time of a young person’s life. It is where they transform from a child into a young adult and form the values that they will carry with them into adulthood. However, high school is also a time when mistakes are made, emotional upheavals are present, temptations abound, and hard choices must be made. With this in mind, finding Sunday school lessons that tackle the topics high school students need to hear, know, and understand is of the utmost importance.

Some topics to highlight include:


A huge struggle for teens is the temptation of any kind. Apart from temptations of the flesh, there are temptations to be someone you’re not, temptations to seem “cool” by any means (drugs, partying, alcohol, sex, etc.), as well as temptations to do well in school at any costs.

Some useful high school Sunday school lessons on this topic can be found here.


Many important relationships are forged during one’s teen years. Apart from friendships and romantic relationships, teens also are defining their relationships with their parents, siblings, and authority. Lessons on this topic can be found here. In this subject especially, teens are in need of gentle direction, as the relationships they form at this age can inform how they make relationships later in life.


Disappointment will always be a part of life, but it can be especially hard to deal with during one’s teen years. With so many pressures, the feeling of failure is at a peak, making disappointments more detrimental than they perhaps should be.

Lessons and verses on how to deal, how to cope, and how to move forward can be found here and here.

Making Hard Choices

Each day of high school is filled with making choices. Some are easier than others while many are hard, life-defining decisions that shape one’s character. Sometimes individuals will fail when it comes to making the right choice, and others they will triumph over difficulties – but each choice is a defining moment. High school Sunday school lessons on how to make hard decisions, and what to do when the wrong choice is made, can be found here.  


A huge issue for teens as well as young adults, purity is an important topic to tackle with your high school Sunday school students. Purity can have a lot of meanings. Of course, it refers to sexual purity, but it can also relate to the purity of the mind, the heart, and of one’s life. It is not abnormal for teens and much older individuals to slip up or ultimately fail when striving to have a pure life and heart. Lessons about forgiveness, purity and love are some of the most important things you can teach your high school students. Further high school Sunday school lessons on these topics can be found here.

high school sunday school lessons

High school Sunday school lessons are great opportunities to instill good values in kids, teens, young adults, and beyond. When creating these lessons, leaning towards the issues that are the most relevant to your age group is a good way to meet the needs of the high schoolers while also providing them with the spiritual growth they need.