It is so important for Christian ministries to set an example, and show their congregations that the holiday season is more about giving than receiving. There are countless ways to make a difference for others in need, and with some creativity and kindness, your church can establish new charitable traditions right away. Here are ten […]

A healthy church has a healthy staff—not healthy in terms of physical bodies, but healthy in terms of how they function as a team and lead the church (even if it’s from behind the scenes). Healthy church and staff result in a growing church; there can be no growth without a healthy foundation. As it […]

Connecting with the community is one of the only ways to always be getting your church’s name out there and thought about. When your name is out and about the community, it significantly increases your reach, which makes getting and keeping individuals involved entirely more efficient. However, finding new and efficient ways to connect with […]

As a new pastor or church leader, there are many things that you need to know how to keep your church alive to how to keep people coming back. With books being such an important part of church culture, here is a list of the top ten books that every new pastor and church leader […]

Sunday school lessons are meant to teach kids about morality, integrity, and kindness, among other honorable traits. Using the Bible as a guide, these lessons are intended to pick from the Word, the most potent lessons for high school age individuals, and teach them in a way that is accessible and easy to understand. Though […]