“…The Bertolini Chair Is A Full “Four Hour” Chair!”

“Hi Jan! The Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is interested in a quote for an additional 25 C7025A chairs! I can’t really blame the chairs for our increase in attendance which prompts this order, but I’m sure the comfortable seating on Sunday mornings hasn’t hurt any! We “test-drove” Bertolini chairs when we had a Board of Trustees retreat at a neighboring church, and noted that our all-morning meeting was not interrupted by bad seating. Some of us sought to save a few pennies with an imported chair, but comparing the samples side by side with the Bertolini chair proved your virtues. Our folding chairs we’d been using before were about “fifteen minute” chairs, the Chinese import maybe a “thirty minute” chair, while the Bertolini chair is a full “four hour” chair! It pleases me to do business with an American company using quality recycled materials and producing such a comfortable chair! (And you may quote me)…Thanks!” -Cal Frye of Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Oberlin, OH.