Response to the Tragic Shooting in Connecticut

TRAGEDY – SHOCK AND GRIEF: Shootings in the News

Our office was stunned. One of our Connecticut customers could talk about nothing else than the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Jan sat and listened as our customer worked through her grief and her distress at the senselessness of this violent outburst. As Jan ended her call and alerted the rest of the sales team to the situation unfolding in Connecticut none of us knew what to say or even how to respond…tears flowed in light of the death of 18 children.

Our prayers extend to the families who lost children. We cannot comprehend the depth of loss and the disorientation that such a tragic event elicits. We are still grasping for an appropriate response yet the first response is all that comes to mind, we are weeping with those who are weeping and praying for comfort and healing and that God will stay the hand of violence in our communities.

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Dr. Ray Wheeler is the Director of Global sales for Bertolini Inc and an adjunct instructor in leadership, church growth and ethics at Bethesda University California in Anaheim, California and Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California.