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Ray Wheeler Director of Global Church Sales

The church today faces constant discontinuous change in its economic situation, in its social situation and in the way its people think about reality and the meaning of faith. Here in the west we live in perhaps the most pluralistic society the church has ever seen next to the early church’s experience in Acts. I can’t think of a time I would rather be alive and engaging what it means to be a believer. As a practitioner, leader and scholar I find great joy in not only engaging with churches across the denominational/cultural spectrum in my work leading the Global Sales Team at Bertolini but I also enjoy being in a position that necessitates a daily application of faith to action. Next to teaching in the classroom there is nowhere I would rather be. I don’t view working in business as a contradiction of my education/calling but as the fulfillment of what it means to be a missional leader. My focus is to provide the best seating product for every one of our customers with the most attentive and professional team who are trained to “come alongside” local churches in every way possible as they pursue their vision for their community and beyond.

Dr. Wheeler Speaks Out On Church Chairs