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best church chair types

How To Choose the Best Chair Type For Your Church

Choosing the best type of chair for your church can be a difficult task, luckily we’ve made it easy for you the perfect one for your unique needs.

Cheap Church Chairs: 5 Things to Be Aware Of

When looking for cheap church chairs, you want to be wary of prices that are so low they seem too good to be true. Typically, if a low-cost church chair seems enticing, you should remember and be aware of the following five things.

church chair resources

The Best Church Chair Layouts to Maximize Any Space

Find the best church chair layout to get the most functionality out of any small or large space.

decorate church chairs for wedding

How to Decorate Church Chairs for Weddings

Make your big day even more special with these many different ways to decorate church chairs for weddings.

clean church chair fabric

A Guide to Cleaning Church Chair Fabric

Taking proper care of your church chairs will guarantee the longevity over time and save yourself lots of money.

moving from pews to church chairs

5 Benefits of Moving from Pews to Church Chairs

Are you considering moving from pews to church chairs at your place of worship? Learn more about the benefits of making the switch.

How to Calculate Seating Capacity for a Church

Learn more about the ways you can calculate the seating capacity of your church, as well as some tips about how to make the seating arrangement from your calculations.

30 Things to Do with Old Church Pews

Knowing the cost of church seating when remodeling or planting a new church is vital for any budget. Learn more pricing for pews, chairs and theatre seating.

Cost of Church Seating: How Much Should You Really Budget?

When swapping out your old church pews for upgraded seating, you’re left wondering what to do with the leftover materials. Here are 30 creative things to do with old church pews.

5 Church Seating Arrangement Resources for Weddings

Bertolini Sanctuary Seating brings you five helpful resources you can use to plan the best church seating arrangement for weddings.

Church Chairs vs. Pews: Which is Better?

Giving attendees a seat in the place of worship is crucial, so which type of seating is best? In this case, will it be church chairs or pews? What are the pros and cons of each one?

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Church Chairs

The following questions will help you determine some important factors about the church chairs you’re considering that should ultimately lead to a smart purchase.

Church Chair Details That Imply Quality Craftsmanship

A church chair’s value can also be determined by the smaller details and from the way it was crafted, and whether or not it was done with proper care.