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We are a company extremely dedicated to producing the best products for our clients. Everything from our exceptional craftsmanship of our chairs to the durability of our furniture, Bertolini Sanctuary Seating will deliver the highest quality of services and products found on the market today.

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Deciding on the best chair for your new or existing church will set the tone for your design and layout. As an industry leading church chair provider, Bertolini Sanctuary Seating not only offers high-quality chairs but the valuable knowledge to go with it.

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Learn how to implement the best church design for small to large spaces during anytime of the year.

church chair resources

Find help choosing the best church chair for your needs.

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Gain insight about the best types of furniture from large sanctuaries to Sunday School classrooms.

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Theater Seating by John Bennett from the Noun Project
Church by Nikita Kravchuk from the Noun Project
Table by Pham Thi Dieu Linh from the Noun Project