Meet Our Experienced Team

Jim Bertolini Primary Responsibility:
Ongoing corporate leadership and direction

Jim Bertolini

Founder/Chairman of the Board

Jim Bertolini is a third generation furniture maker whose commitment to service, integrity and relationship is exemplified in every aspect of Bertolini Inc. His leadership style empowers those around him to excel both on a personal and corporate level. His passion for excellence and innovation has set the standard by which the church seating industry continues to be measured. Jim is determined to maintain Bertolini’s growing leadership role in the industry by offering the most elegant, comfortable and durable stackable chairs available today.

team-cHorn_153x113 Primary Responsibility:
Provides strategic leadership and direction for Bertolini Inc.

Chuck Horn


Chuck Horn began working with Bertolini Inc. as a manufacturing consultant in 1997. In May of 1999 Chuck accepted a full time position with Bertolini as the Vice President of Operations. Chuck draws his 25 years of manufacturing experience from working with both large and small companies. The wealth of his experience includes working with companies reporting phenomenal growth, establishing potential markets for immediate and successful growth and profitability, helping companies realize expanding sales potential, successfully facilitating ISO 9001 certification for manufacturers, and providing ongoing leadership that empowers corporate and individual growth. In 2002 Chuck completed his MBA at CCU Anaheim, CA and October, 2012 accepted the position of President at Bertolini Inc.

Note from the President; Steering the ship is all about the growth of people. I accepted this challenging position because the most important characteristics of any organization were already in place at Bertolini Inc., and they are dedicated employees, product quality and customer service. We will continue to leverage these characteristics while developing new innovative products designed to meet the needs of our changing markets. I am excited about the future for Bertolini Inc. and would like to thank the employees and key suppliers for their support and commitment to making Bertolini Inc. a great company.

team-rPry_153x113 Primary Responsibility:
Assuring that the high quality standards and practices that Bertolini, Inc. demands are adhered to.

Robert Pry

Quality Assurance Manager

Robert Pry began his career with Bertolini Inc. in April of 1999 in the Quality Control Lead position. He moved up through the ranks to Quality Control Supervisor and in January of 2006 Robert was promoted to the position of Quality Assurance Manager that he currently holds. Robert draws 20 years of Leadership and Quality experience from working in Aerospace both for Subcontractors and for Major Contractors. Robert successfully completed an 80 hour certificate course on Total Quality Management and has completed courses in Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement. Robert is currently attending classes at The University of Riverside to obtain his certification in Project Management. Robert remains passionate about his role in supporting the outstanding quality and growth at Bertolini, Inc. Robert has also been quoted saying “I may not be in sales, but I sell chairs everyday by assuring they are quality built and by taking care of the customer.”

team-bProck_153x113 Primary Responsibility:
Provides leadership and direction for Marketing and Technology Integration

Bruce Prock

Vice President of Marketing & Technology Integration

Bruce began as Marketing Manager for Bertolini Inc. in June of 2001. Having worked in the creative industry for nearly ten years as a designer, production artist and commercial art/communications consultant, Bruce brings a fresh and creative approach to effectively communicating and marketing the best stackable seating solutions available today. Bruce also draws from the practical application of an MBA from Azusa Pacific University (June 2006) coupled with 10 years of leadership experience in the non-profit sector giving him insight into the needs and circumstances of many of Bertolini’s customers.

team-cMinaya_153x113 Primary Responsibility:
Lead accounting team to serve other departments with information and strategy to improve accuracy

Cecilia Minaya


Cecilia Minaya started at Bertolini Inc., holding the Controller position, in May of 2005. Cecilia is a member of Bertolini’s Senior Management team and contributes with over 20 years of accounting experience acquired working in a diverse type of organizations of different sizes. Most of Cecilia’s work experience has been in manufacturing environments to which Cecilia has contributed with her cost accounting experience helping companies by proactively analyzing company issues and recommending changes with the ultimate goal of increasing profitability and maximizing productivity. Cecilia has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is excited to be a part of the Bertolini Organization.

team-gDaniels_153x113 Primary Responsibility:
Provide leadership to East Coast manufacturing efforts

Gary Daniels

Plant Manager, Lawrenceburg TN

Gary Daniels joined Bertolini, Inc., in May of 2009, as the Tennessee manufacturing facility Plant Manager. Gary brings over 30 years of Engineering, Manufacturing, Distribution, Operations and Managerial experience to Bertolini, along with a diverse background in product markets which includes automotive, medical equipment, sports equipment, cabinetry and furniture. Gary received his bachelor’s degree from Lawrence Institute of Technology and was certified as a Supply Chain Professional though the APICS organization in 2007. Gary’s previous work experiences, including the start-up of a totally new and state of the art kitchen cabinet factory and the conversion of a furniture manufacturing facility into a distribution center will be beneficial to the growth of the new Tennessee facility opened in 2009.

Robert Wiltsey Primary Responsibility:
Provides leadership and direction for the Church Sales Division

Robert Wiltsey

Director of Church Sales

Bob comes to us with 27 Years experience in Advertising Sales and Marketing. As VP of an independent directory company, Bob gained valuable insight into economically helping leaders stretch their limited budgets to gain maximum results. As technology changed, so did the methods brick and mortar businesses utilized to continue to grow their customer base. By aiding in converting traditional print advertisers to online digital advertisers, Bob also established himself as a digital leader assisting small businesses across Southern California. Bob also has a background in major donor fundraising for World Vision and currently serves on his church board for benevolence and capital improvements. His connection to financial stewardship practices and the free market makes him a perfect fit as the Director of Church Sales.

john-skuchas Primary Responsibility:
Provide operational leadership and management for the Chino, CA Manufacturing Plant

John Skuchas

Plant Manager, Chino California

John joined Bertolini Inc. in 2015 bringing over 30 years of experience in manufacturing mobile and stationary storage solutions for the foodservice, healthcare, commercial and retail markets. His experience includes setting up and running key manufacturing facilities in both Southern California and Mexico with involvement in design, construction and leadership. John was also involved in initiating production of critical product lines with off shore partners and vendors to service Asia, Europe and North America. John’s strong manufacturing acumen, along with experience in customer service, logistics and procurement, provides operational leadership and management insight valuable to the ongoing growth of Bertolini.