Why I Choose to Build Church Chairs in the USA

Jim Bertolini Speaks Out…

There’s been a lot of grim financial news this week that seems to point to the economy being unsure of where it’s going. What a shocker for the Dow Jones Industrial to fall 500 points in a single session on Thursday. Although I doubt that anyone who’s been watching the debt ceiling fiasco in congress would be surprised. The Washington rhetoric that followed, of course, is all about jobs and job creation. Let’s hope and pray that what the politicians are saying about job creation becomes more than merely rhetoric.

You’ve probably already guessed where I’m going with this; that I have chosen to build church chairs in the USA to contribute to American job creation. That’s why ABC News with Diana Sawyer recently contacted me to include Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating in the Made in America Campaign. I had been following Diana Sawyer’s ongoing coverage of the growing sentiment among Americans to buy USA made products and was encouraged by what appeared to me to be a media endorsed job creation strategy that will actually work, “buy American and Americans work.” I was encouraged, and honored to say the least, at being included in ABC News’ Made In America Campaign.

There are other reasons I choose to build church chairs in the USA. About 5 years ago Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating looked at importing chairs from oversees suppliers in Asia. We had a hard time getting the quality and consistency our customer had grown to expect from us. After several containers of chairs that would not meet our standards (and worse yet would not pass local fire codes) we gave up on trying to provide an imported chair worthy of the church. Of course others in the industry didn’t have the same standards for quality and didn’t find it ethically challenging to import such chairs. It is unfortunate that most of these imported chairs are of lesser quality and, unlike church chair made in the USA, can contain unregulated and substandard components such as wood that off-gases, foam that doesn’t meet local fire codes and finishes that may contain lead. A guess the old adage, “buyer beware” would be appropriate.

I know that In today’s economy every dollar counts. Especially for you as a church leader trying to make budgets and giving match; and while it’s easy to look only at price, there are some really good reasons to step back from buying an import and instead buy church chairs built locally in the USA. While I’ve mentioned a few, calling a Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating Product Specialist at 800-647-7755 will give you the full picture on USA church chairs vs imports.