Foams Found In Church Chairs

Bertolini church chairs use only the finest machine crafted foam on the market. Using only USA made foam, Bertolini engineers have created a new level of comfort found only in Bertolini chairs. The commercial grade foam found in these chairs is unrivaled in comfort, durability, and quality. Bertolini’s foam will outlast any other foam on the market and provide comfort for years to come while its competitors’ are degrading in quality. Foam imported by Bertolini’s competitors contain many impurities and are not cut to proper size and shape using precision tools. Rather, these imported chairs use foam that is cheap and does not properly fit the seats of the chairs. Also, because they contain impurities, these cushions will sharply degrade in comfort and quality throughout the short life of the chairs. Only Bertolini can produce chairs that contain the latest innovations in cushioning foam.