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Carol Brown Executive Product Specialist

Make it a great day! I am Carol Brown, Senior Product Specialist for the West USA region. I have been with Bertolini selling chairs for over 10 years now and I do not regret one day of it. I feel we make the best seat for churches that are available today. We use the best quality material, have fair lead times and competitive pricing. Our warranty is excellent. I talk to the most wonderful people; pastors, board members and committee members. 99% of the time it is a wonderful experience. I would say 100% but you know I would be fibbing. I constantly learn more about the church, denominations, rules and regulations – what an interesting job! I often recommend our 22 inch wide chairs such as the Impressions 7227 and Impressions 7207 as they give church members plenty of room to settle in and focus. I love to extend hospitality to my customers when they come to see our factory and showroom and hear the other Product Specialists on the phones because the experience verifies that we really are committed to service, integrity and relationships. We make a difference.

Carol Speaks Out On Church Chairs

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