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Response to Church Chair Industries’ Bankruptcy


Contact: Bruce Prock, Marketing (800) 647-7725 ext. 101

CHINO, CA. January 1, 2011 – Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating, a division of Bertolini
Inc., announced today that they would take immediate and concerted action to assist
nearly a thousand churches impacted by the chapter 11 bankruptcy filed by Church Chair
Industries on November 12, 2010.

Upon review of the public documents related to Church Chair Industry’s filing it seems
unlikely that churches who had placed deposits to order chairs before November 12, 2010
will ever receive their orders, nor will they likely receive much if any refund of their
deposits. (See www.pacer.gov for public documents.)

The leadership team at Betolini is compelled to take action on these churches behalf. As
a company, Bertolini is committed to serving the local church and is proactively assisting
these churches.

Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating has made a commitment to assist these churches by
offering to do the following:

1. Build a chair that closely matches the Design Stacker series offered by Church
Chair or, if the church prefers, provide the church with a quality American-made
Bertolini chair that will meet their facility needs.

2. Provide these churches expedited service so they receive their chairs quickly.

3. Offer these churches special payment terms to help ease the burden created by the
potential loss of their deposit, and eliminate any felt risk.

Bertolini also invites anyone trying to reorder chairs previously built by CCI to call and
request the above assistance in part or in whole.

Forward Looking Information

Any forward looking statements contained in this news release are based on current
information and assumptions and represent the management’s best judgment at the
present time. Changes in future market conditions are beyond the control of Bertolini’s
management and may alter future strategies and responses by Bertolini Inc.

Background Information

Bertolini Inc. is the leading factory direct US manufacturer of premium stackable seating
provided to you through service, integrity and relationship. Our church chair division,
Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating, is the number one choice in pew stackers church chairs!

The Bertolini family started building premium seating nearly 50 years ago for such
household names as Denny’s Restaurants, Radisson Hotels and Disneyland. Today
Bertolini Inc. provides that same tradition of world-class quality in the most elegant,
comfortable and durable stackable seating available. Combine such quality with a
commitment to be the industry leader in innovation, unrivaled service, steadfast integrity,
ongoing customer relationships and first class value, and it’s easy to see why you’ll
find Bertolini stackable seating in such places as the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los
Angeles, California, Without Walls International Ministries in Tampa, Florida, the Hyatt
Regency in Deerfield, Illinois, the Seventh Day Adventist Conference Grounds in South
Carolina, Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, California, and the Sheraton Hotel in
Brownsville, Texas.

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