Theological Musings of the Chair Guy

Pews to Pens – Church Chairs and Change


By Ray Wheeler, DMin. We hear some great stories about change in congregational life. These stories of change always center on the role church chairs have in how the congregation intends to refocus its ministry efforts. Church chairs are not primary catalysts to developing a missional congregation or engaging in organizational change. However they are [...]

I was Just Sitting in a Church Chair Thinking…


In a factory full of church chairs it is not hard to find a chair to sit in. We just completed a day of training with my team and in debrief with the consultant the subject of meditation came up. “So,” Cynthia said, “you described your future objectives using all left brain imagery. However you [...]

When Developing Church Chairs Taught a Lesson on Feedback

It wasn’t what we expected. We started a product development cycle to answer a problem that occurs over time in some card pockets on the back of church chairs. We designed three new card pocket prototypes for our church chairs based on feedback we had received from our customers. Once the prototypes were completed we [...]

Church Chairs and the Shape of Things to Come – Three Essential Commitments


I was thinking about the future. What is the shape of the church tomorrow? What is important to remember every day when taking single steps into the future? There is, I am sure, more than one answer to these questions. The variety of cultural and geographic situations of the local church guarantees an assortment of [...]

Resilience – A Lesson on Leadership from Manufacturing Church Chairs


Resilience is a process of adapting in the face of difficulty, hardships, trauma, tragedy, or set backs. As manufacturers of quality church chairs we think about resilience. For example the resilience of our foam or proprietary blow molded seat foundation. We design and test church chairs to endure the stresses of routine use and maintain [...]