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Theological Musings of the Chair Guy

Church Chairs and a New Trend in Older Buildings

  As younger congregations discover the power of architecture in making a spiritual connection to the past they also discover the beauty of church chair seating designed to accentuate the ambiance of traditional spaces of worship. Christianity Today recently reported that old mainline and Catholic sanctuaries are finding new life as evangelical churches up-cyle and […]


Ray Wheeler2

Pastors have a difficult job. According to Barna, “Most pastors work long hours, are constantly on-call, often sacrifice time with family to tend to congregational crises, carry long-term debt from the cost of seminary and receive below-average compensation in return for performing a difficult job. Trained in theology, they are expected to master leadership, politics, […]

Response to the Tragic Shooting in Connecticut

TRAGEDY – SHOCK AND GRIEF: Shootings in the News Our office was stunned. One of our Connecticut customers could talk about nothing else than the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Jan sat and listened as our customer worked through her grief and her distress at the senselessness of this violent outburst. As Jan ended her […]


One of our customers (I will call him John) called one day. He had just noticed the header on our pro forma quotes. “What is this? You say that over 500 American families benefit from each chair you produce. I’ve visited your factory your employee count is not that big” John was a little bit […]

Leadership Church Chairs and Cows


We were sitting in the church chairs at the front of the sanctuary during a pastor’s conference swapping stories about what we faced in pastoral ministry. That is when a friend of mine told me a story I have not forgotten.  He was traveling up a mountain road and was stuck behind a cattle truck, […]

Cross-cultural Parables –When the People Sitting in Church Chairs Become Mentors


Elephants and Power Church leaders around the globe share common human challenges when it comes to organizations. A couple of years ago I taught a course on ethics to church and NGO leaders in Kenya.  In a lecture on ethics in decision-making and the discussion moved toward working with large outside organizations.  The question was […]

Church Chair with the Toddler Tattoo


It sat third from the end on the sixth row back. I first noticed it as I walked through the sanctuary early one Sunday morning praying for the people who would sit in each of the church chairs in both morning services. I prayed for each person to have an encounter with the living God […]

Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh and Church Chairs?


Church Chairs in the Christmas Story? We walked out of a meeting with one of our strategic partners, “Hey, I want to introduce you guys to another one of our clients, an architectural firm,” Bill said. “Great, we love making connections with people we can help,” I responded. As manufacturers it is always nice when […]

Six degrees removed from sitting in a Church Chair


Hope Finds Feet in a Depressed Economy We started the ritual of setting aside time together when we were in our first growing congregation. It did not take long to realize that we could minister to the community and end up completely missing each other in the process. So, Janice and I were on one […]

Gratitude, Church Chairs, the Economy and Change


Remember What Your Mother Taught You about Gratitude Ray Wheeler, DMin. A pastor and several of his congregation visited our Chino church chair factory the other day to look at church chairs. One of the members had their seven year old son in tow and while he was well behaved he was obviously bored – […]