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“I Would Never Have Gone Elsewhere Because of You!!!!

“Thanks Jan! The Bertolini church chairs look great!!! The two different fabric colors look great together!!!! Thanks for being patient with me for all those years. Your faithfulness paid off. I would never have gone elsewhere because of you!!!! Thanks again!” -Neal Whitney of Allentown United Methodist Church in Lima, OH.

“Carol Did A Phenomenal Job…”

“Carol did a phenomenal job helping us with fabric and color, as well as choosing the right quality line of chair. They are perfect!” – Don Julian of Grace Bible Church in Dillon, MT.

“…Thank You For All Of Your Help With Our Church Chairs.”

“Hi Carol, Just wanted to thank you for all of your help with our church chairs. We just put them out for our Sunday service today! We had to find homes for our pews, so this Sunday was our first Sunday to have our new church chairs in the sanctuary. They are beautiful!! Also very […]

“Our Chairs Arrived Last Week And Are Fabulous!”

“Carol, Thank you for all your excellent customer service. Our chairs arrived last week and are fabulous!” – Andrea Jenkins of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Olympia, WA.

“Jan, In Your Work You Serve A Privileged Assembly of Many Faiths”

“Jan, Thanks again for your patience. This project has been a rally cry answered; I will follow up this week with personal thank you notes to those who were financially able to support the expenditure but, in the same breath, communicate to all congregants that this venture is for the benefit to all who enter […]

How To Install the Bertolini Card Pencil Communion Cup Holder


Robert Pry of Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating shows you how to install the Bertolini Patent-Pending Card pencil Communion Cup Holder on your church chairs.

“…The Bertolini Chair Is A Full “Four Hour” Chair!”

“Hi Jan! The Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is interested in a quote for an additional 25 C7025A chairs! I can’t really blame the chairs for our increase in attendance which prompts this order, but I’m sure the comfortable seating on Sunday mornings hasn’t hurt any! We “test-drove” Bertolini chairs when we had a Board of […]

“We Made The Right Decision Going With Bertolini!”

“Carol, you were so very helpful years ago when we placed our order and now all of these years later you are still so helpful! We made the right decision going with Bertolini! Carol, I thank you very much and wish you a great weekend too!” -Rick Finitzer, Executive Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Yuba […]

“We Get A Lot Of Compliments Regarding Their Look And Their Comfort!”

“Hi Jan, the new Bertolini chairs are working out very well! We get a lot of compliments regarding their look and their comfort! Thank you!” -Sharon M. Budi of St. Joseph Church in Amherst, OH.

“Thank You Jan For Your Patience And The Professional Manner…”

“Thank you, Jan, for your patience and the professional manner in which you handled our church chair selection, questions and the support you provided during this process. We are almost finished with the remodeling of our sanctuary and eagerly await the Bertolini chairs! We are affirming that all will continue to go well. Thank you […]