Church Chair FAQ

Bertolini Church Chairs are 100% USA Made


Bertolini manufactures 100% of its church chairs in the USA. This benefits the customer in multiple ways. Because Bertolini sells its church chairs directly from the factory, there is no middle man. This lowers the price and shipping hassle of purchasing church chairs. Bertolini also uses materials that are produced in the USA which means they [...]

Bertolini’s No-Hassle Warranty Policy On Church Chairs


Because Bertolini maintains such a solid long term relationship with its customers, Bertolini offers a hassle-free warranty. Bertolini knows that its relationship with its customers is what makes it successful. For this reason Bertolini offers its warranty without any hassle and maintains a policy to right any problems that the customer may have without any [...]

Beware of the Words “Lite Assembly Required” in Church Chairs


There’s a new church chair on the market called the Hercules. It sells for almost $75 per chair.  The price is twice what you would pay for the better quality church chairs at Bertolini Inc. What’s really amazing though is that the buyer has to screw the backs on themselves.  It’s not just a matter of [...]

How Do I Choose The Right Church Chair If Time Is A Huge Factor?


Chairs manufactured by Bertolini are always made right here in the USA which means Bertolini can offer the right church chair for immediate shipment. Many different varieties of styles and fabrics are offered in stock to make sure your order is fulfilled as quickly as possible within the confines of any time restraint. Because Bertolini has [...]

Foams Found In Church Chairs


Bertolini church chairs use only the finest machine crafted foam on the market. Using only USA made foam, Bertolini engineers have created a new level of comfort found only in Bertolini chairs. The commercial grade foam found in these chairs is unrivaled in comfort, durability, and quality. Bertolini’s foam will outlast any other foam on the [...]