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Church Chair FAQ

How Powdercoating Works on Church Chairs


When you look at a stackable church chair you may not notice that the process to apply the “paint” is far more complicated than just shooting it with a can of spray paint. The raw metal must be acid  washed to remove all residue left over from welding and even the oils from the hands […]

Why a Static Frame Load Test for Bertolini Church Chairs?


During our B.I.S.C Frame Load Test #1,  500 lbs. of concrete is placed on our standard frame configuration on the front of the church chair legs without any frame fatigue. During the B.I.S.C. Frame Load Test #2, 1000 lbs. of concrete is placed on our standard church chair frame configuration without any frame fatigue.

The Importance of a Torsion Bar System in a Church Chair


We further reinforce our extremely durable 1010, 16-gauge frames with an innovative torsion bar design that supports the leg structure while absorbing and dispersing shock away from the weld joints during stacking and unstacking. This technology combined with superior welding makes for a very durable church chair. To learn more go to church chairs by […]

The Benefits of Mandrel Bending in Church Chairs


The steel used to manufacture Bertolini’s church chairs is mandrel-bent resulting in a more attractive, secure, and stronger bend. Many church chair makers form their frames using crush bending, a technique that weakens the frame and leaves an unattractive indentation. In contrast mandrel bending places an insert (a mandrel) into the tube when the bend […]

Why Cold Rolled Steel is Important in Church Chairs


We begin our process by purchasing precision welded, high-quality 1010 cold rolled steel tubing manufactured in the USA exclusively to Bertolini’s radius specification. Cold rolled steel provides the optimum surface for powder coat adhesion. While other stackable seating manufacturers use weaker 18-gauge tubing merely to cut costs, Bertolini uses 16-gauge tubing on all their church […]

How Do I Choose The Right Church Chair If Durability Is A Huge Factor?


Durability is a key factor in the manufacturing of Bertolini church chairs. Bertolini chairs are designed to withstand any wear and tear that can arise through years of use. Bertolini chairs are designed to be fully functional for years to come without any maintenance at all. The chair will remain durable far beyond the lifetime […]

What to Expect After You’ve Placed Your Order

Bertolini strives to make your chair buying experience easy and stress free; after all, as a leader you already experience more than your fair share of pressure. That’s why we are diligent in making sure that your expectations are promptly met and communication with you is accurate and timely. Below we have listed what’s typical […]

How Do You Ensure You Get The Best Church Chair For Its Intended Use?


Bertolini is committed to building chairs that are totally versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. Bertolini’s church chairs are made to efficiently stack so that they can be stored in as little space as possible but they are also lightweight enough to be stacked by anybody. Because of the ease in […]

Tips for Fundraising for Church Chairs


With the economy the way it is today raising funds for a new church project such as chairs can be daunting. There are several ways raise money to purchase specific items that a church needs to operate.  For the sake of this post, we will use church chairs as an example of a large purchase […]

What is a BosScrew? And Why is it Used in Bertolini Church Chairs?


The BosScrew is a technological breakthrough from ITW Shakeproof that creates a screw to boss connection that maintains and tightens instead of loosing over time.  Bertolini saw the benefits of ITW Shakeproof’s BosScrew as a way to solve screws becoming loose after years of use in church chairs.  Instead of the standard screw drilled into […]