Church Chairs & Bertolini Innovation

The Art of Shipping Bertolini Church Chairs


We don’t consider an order complete until a satisfied customer receives it. To ensure this delivery our church chairs are carefully shrink wrapped with proper foam bumpers. Our innovative packaging minimizes the potential for damage and helps to insure your church chairs arrive on time and ready for use.

Why an Emissions Test on a Church Chair?


A cheaply made church chair can emit high levels of formaldehyde and other airborne toxins. Bertolini chairs pass all GSA emissions requirements, the strictest in the industry. While many church chair manufacturers import their foam and other resources from China, where environmental standards are less stringent, Bertolini uses only U.S.A. made components for their church chairs.

Puncture Proof Church Chairs


Pens are always present in churches. People take notes on the sermon, write checks and children draw pictures. Inevitably a pen gets stabbed into a church chair leaving a hole.  Many of our standard fabrics are puncture resistant. These fabrics have memory that allow the puncture hole to be rubbed away without any visible remaining signs.

The Importance of Fabric Quality Control in a Church Chair


Our fabric is of the highest qualit. It is double rub tested ensuring durability. Our standard polyolephin fabrics are 250,000 double rub abrasion tested without showing signs of wear. These fabrics were also tested for colorfastness when exposed to light. Bertolini uses only the highest quality commercial fabrics from leading mills in the United States. The [...]

What to Look for in Seat and Back Construction in a Church Chair


The Flex-Fit™ Seat The new Flex-Fit™ seat with Fit-Tight™ fastening system and BosScrew™ technology is capable of  with-standing focused loads in excess of 800 pounds. This innovation will undoubtedly revolutionize the church chair  industry for years to come. The Ergo-V Support System Featuring ergonomic characteristics typically not found in stackable seating, its multi-contoured V shape fits [...]