Church Chairs & Bertolini Innovation

Bertolini manufacturing church chairs with state of the art CNC bending


Bertolini Sanctuary Seating is excited to be building a new style of church chair to be used by Christ Church of the Valley in their Rancho Cucamonga, CA satellite location. Take a look at this video showing state-of-the-art Church Chair Manufacturing using CNC bending.  The CNC bender extends our capabilities with a true mandrel bending [...]

Quality Control in Bertolini Church Chairs


Before any customer order is wrapped for shipment, it must pass a rigorous ISO 9000 compliant quality control inspection. Our inspectors measure 8 inspection points on all our church chairs. Chairs that don’t meet standards are rejected and replaced before your order is shipped.

The Focused Static Load Test for Church Chairs


Can you imagine 800 lbs. focused on a 3” x 6” area in the center of the seat foundation? That’s exactly what our team of engineers and quality assurance had in mind. Here are the results.  The seat easily withstood the focused load. The Flex-Fit™ seat is so durable it is strong enough to be run [...]

The Inverted Fastener Retention Load Test for Church Chairs


The new Flex-Fit™ featuring the Fit-Tight™ fastening system easily withstands loads exceeding 450 lbs of weight onto the seat as it is fastened in an inverted fashion. Seats made of wood substrates just couldn’t bear the load. Results: The new Flex-Fit™ seat holds screws in place up to 70% better with its Fit-Tight™ fastening system [...]

Church Chairs That Go Beyond BIFMA Standards


So how well does the new Flex-Fit™ seat stack up against seat foundations used by other manufacturers of church chairs? This amazing new seat exceeds all of the BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) standards, as well as a few standards BIFMA hasn’t thought of. The BIFMA standards are intended to provide manufacturers, specifiers, and [...]