Beware of the Words “Lite Assembly Required” in Church Chairs

There’s a new church chair on the market called the Hercules. It sells for almost $75 per chair.  The price is twice what you would pay for the better quality church chairs at Bertolini Inc. What’s really amazing though is that the buyer has to screw the backs on themselves.  It’s not just a matter of using a screw driver to put a few screws in either.  Each chair requires that the back be clamped on then 8 holes be drilled through the wood back and the metal frame.  Then the screws can be put in holding the back securely in place, at least until the common screws come loose a few months to a year later.  Even Ikea doesn’t require power tools to build their queen size beds.  Hopefully someone in the congregation is very skilled with building furniture otherwise any errors in the assembly process will show up when all the rows are put together and the backs are crocked and mismatched.  I can only imagine how long it would take to put together 200 plus chairs.   Even if you could get the Hercules chair 1/2 price and pay only $37 per chair, the cost is still the same or even slighty higher than a chair bought a Bertolini Inc. and there’s no need to spend time and additional resources to assemble them.