Bertolini Church Chairs are 100% USA Made

Bertolini manufactures 100% of its church chairs in the USA. This benefits the customer in multiple ways. Because Bertolini sells its church chairs directly from the factory, there is no middle man. This lowers the price and shipping hassle of purchasing church chairs. Bertolini also uses materials that are produced in the USA which means they meet and exceed standard qualifications for manufacturing. Bertolini is unmatched in quality control and making sure each chair is made perfectly according to specific standards set beyond what the competitors work for. Each chair is machine crafted with precision tools to be identical to every other chair in the customer’s order. Lined up in a pew fashion, there is no difference in any chair in the line. Bertolini’s USA manufactured chairs adhere to higher standards than those made by companies that import their chairs. Bertolini can also provide direct customer service because there is no middle man between you and Bertolini.

Choose from the absolute best in the Impressions Series church chairs, an incredible value in the Inspire Series church chairs or a blend of budget and utility in the rock solid Essentials Series church chairs.